Your Guide to a Stress-Free-Sunday

Your Guide to a Stress-Free-Sunday

Amy Peterson
Mar 28, 2019

Get a bad case of the “Sunday Scaries” every-single-weekend?

If you’re anything like me, setting aside time every weekend to get your sh*t together can be tough, but giving yourself that one day to relax your mind and body is not only beyond beneficial to your health but will also help you enjoy your Sunday.

Life always throws uncontrollable punches at you, but YOU can control how much you let stress affect you and manage it accordingly. By developing positive habits and actively practicing these stress-reducing techniques, you will learn how to deal with stress efficiently and block out the “Sunday Scaries.”

Let me share a few of my little tips that have improved my weeks immensely and helped encourage not only stress-free Sundays but a stress-free lifestyle. 

TIP #1

S- Set your intentions for the week ahead

For me, writing in my planner is the most effective way to plan out for the week ahead. Writing out important deadlines and goals for the week will make Monday feel like less of a Monday when that alarm goes off.


Personally, I love color coding each of the weekdays in order to make it easy to find certain days (this usually happens after my second latte). I swear by my planner; being organized for the week ahead will allow for peace of mind on Sunday.

I also find that filling in the weekend’s plans serve as motivation to get me through the week. Work hard, play harder!

TIP #2

U- Unwind and relax

Unwind and catch up on all your favorite shows! This is one of my beloved Sunday rituals.   Throughout the week, when you’re out hustlin’ your DVR tends to pile up with all your weekly shows.  

In order to give 100% during week, kick your feet up, grab your fave snack and turn off your mind for a little bit.

Some of my favorite shows are Vanderpump Rules on Bravo (my guilty pleasure), How to Get Away with Murder on ABC (my sister and I highly recommend this jaw dropping show), and You on Netflix (Dan Humphrey, who? I binge watched this show in 3 days).

Setting aside a few hours to just relax and watch the shows that bring you joy (Marie Kondo your watchlist) will help you start the week feeling refreshed.

TIP #3

N- Nutrients and a gentle workout

The last thing you want to do on a Sunday is worry about eating healthy and working out; I get it.

However, it doesn’t have to be some dauting or intricate workout. Get outside, do yoga on the beach or ask some friends to join you on a hike. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before your beach yoga sesh; I always keep my HIGHER EDUCATION SPRING BREAK® Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 30 in my gym bag.

Wherever you are, improvising an enjoyable workout can help reduce guilt from the weekend’s sins. We all know what happens on Saturday nights… sweat out that hangover girl!

Nourishing your body with clean foods and nutrients can help erase the damage done on Friday and Saturday. Not to mention, it will leave you feeling energized and refreshed entering the week; you’ll have the tools to dive into your week with full force and a #girlboss attitude.


D- Doze off

Sleep is a major key (DJ Khalid voice) in preparing for the week ahead.

A good night’s sleep has been proven to be vital in a healthy lifestyle. Better skin, less stress, and more sleep are at the top of my requirements for a healthy, happy lifestyle. Whether you doze off for a nap on the couch or a full-fledged, next-level bed nap, taking a short snooze can really make a difference in your day and productivity levels (my friends call me “nap queen”).

Napping will not only help you relax and reboot for the week, it’s also said to improve mood and increase alertness. I like to try and pencil in a quick nap after a workout or shower. I mean, Sundays should be for napping and I will always stand by that.

Even if you feel like your to-do list is pressing, setting aside 30-45 minutes of your Sunday can make all the difference.


A- Avoid social media

We all know that Social Media can be an active distraction from being present and focusing on the now. Especially when those Sunday scaries start to creep around, seeing all the glamour and glitz of the night before doesn’t do any good.


Believe me I love a good Instagram scroll, but sometimes you just need a healthy break. Shutting your phone off for even an hour can save you added stress and leave more time to prepare for your week. This also gives you the chance to relax your mind and body leaving you in a clear head space to just relax.

Tip #6

Y- YOU time, spend a few hours on self-care

Finally, practice self-care Sunday! Self-care seems like a trendy term, but it is a necessity for physical and mental health.

Taking ample time to care for yourself triggers a good reminder that you and your needs are important, too. Having a well-cared-for body can spark an inner confidence that pours into all facets of your life.

It can be as simple as reading a book and throwing on a face mask or taking a warm bubble bath while listening to your ‘calm’ playlist.  My favorite self-care practice is taking a warm bath with my STUDY BUDDY® Detoxifying Bentonite Clay Mask (mask ON).

Nourishing your hair, skin, and nails is crucial in a self-care routine; I really feel as if it’s the little things that help cope with stress. Taking some much needed you time has been known to reduce stress immensely… Treat yourself!

Overall, I’ve realized that taking note of my stressors and being prepared for the week has helped me to feel more relaxed overall. Admitting that you’re feeling stressed is the first step to coping. Keep a record of what situations make you overwhelmed so that you can pinpoint the origin of your stress and feel better equipped to handle these hurdles in the future.

So, there you have it folks! Try some of these tips for yourself and stick with them, it’s all in the routine ladies and gents. These tips can help you to have not only a stress-free Sunday but also a stress-free mindset.

Take on the week with all the confidence and strength. You got this!

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