Emily Wollenman, VP of Sales & Education
Jun 17, 2021

Higher Education Skincare has officially re-launched its one-of-a-kind, clean, safe, and healthy skincare products. Newly housed in bold, bright packaging made from previously recycled materials, the rebrand is part of our sustainability initiative to be a fully eco-conscious beauty brand. 

While we’ve remained the same brand at our core, we’ve relaunched and rebranded to make a statement -- on and off the shelf.

Values Are The Core Of Higher Education Skincare 

Higher Education Skincare has always stood by our values of education, empowerment, accessibility, and integrity. And while that’s stayed the same, we’re always looking for new ways to stay ahead of our class. 

With the launch of our new packaging, we’ve further amplified our efforts in sustainability by pledging our support to Ocean Conservancy. By changing our cartons to being made of previously recycled materials and our primary containers to PCR (post-consumer resin), we’re one step closer to being a fully eco-conscious beauty brand!

At Higher Education Skincare, we believe everyone has a right to education and to feel beautiful in their own skin. We are so proud to have partnered with SEO (Sponsors for Educational Opportunities) to give life-changing educational opportunities to underprivileged, deserving students who are determined to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others. We want our community to remember, no matter your skin type, race, or gender, Higher Education Skincare has the products and resources for you.

Revamped Products and Packaging

Our new and improved product packaging, while sustainable, is also fun and playful! But, we know what you must be thinking: “Please don’t tell me your formulas have changed!” Well, have no fear. Our six skincare categories (cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, treat, protect & eyes) and their award-winning formulas have stayed the same but with an added bonus…

Our products are now VEGAN, not to mention cruelty-free, nut-free, paraben and sulfate-free! 

Here at Higher Education Skincare, we understand the importance of vegan skincare. And we have ensured that our formulas, while in the absence of animal ingredients, are not forgoing in quality. Our clean and safe formulas are now effortless, affordable, and effective to ensure your experience is unlike any other with each use. 

Is Higher Education Skincare For Me?

Wondering if Higher Education Skincare is for you? The short answer...YES!

While serious ingredients and ethics go into creating the Higher Education brand and collection, we also have a playful side to us, and we’ve named our products to reflect your experience as a student. DOUBLE MAJOR® Hyaluronic Acid Gel Moisturizer, a lightweight moisture relief gel, pulls double duty as both a skin soother and moisturizer using lush humectants and moisture-binding skin replenishers.

Our dermatologist-approved and sulfate-free products are packed with powerful smart ingredients to give you glowing results. Easy for on-the-go people, our Higher Education Skincare collections allow you to never skip your skincare routine. Throw our CHEAT SHEET® Makeup Removing Wipes in your gym bag, handbag, or backpack for on-the-go freshness. Or maybe the CRAM SESSION® Blue Light Blocking Moisturizer -- a daily antioxidant packed with plant extracts, peptides, melanin and vitamins A, C, and E to protect the skin and limit the production of free radicals-- is your match made in heaven for those late nights spent in the library. 

Whether you’re looking for an all new skincare regimen or to add a few new products to your collection, Higher Education Skincare’s re-launch has what you’ve been looking for. 

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