6 Tips for Your Best Skin During Festival Season

6 Tips for Your Best Skin During Festival Season

Amy Peterson
Jan 16, 2020

Alright Ladies, the time has arrived. Music festival season is upon us! With an early arrival of spring, there's a lot to raise your glasses to. From the Desert X exhibit sprawling across Coachella Valley to the recently-released Outside Lands headliners, 2019 looks to be a stellar festival season.

It's been a long, cold winter. No doubt you're ready to break out your best crochet kimono, cut-off shorts, braids and all the glitter. But have you thought about your skin? A weekend away can quickly sideline your skincare routine. We're here to help you put your best face forward with a quick-start guide to flawless festival skin.


Burn baby, (don't) burn, sing it with me now! Sun protection is a must during festival season. It is #1 on our priority list, and it needs be on yours, too. Research shows nearly 80 percent of skin damage results from sun exposure. Those summer days spent swaying in the sun to the likes of Billie Eilish and Solange can take a toll. Sorry for the buzzkill, but I want you to protect those festival faces.

Let's face it — You're probably not using enough sunscreen. While SPF 30 is ideal for most, it isn't optimal if you aren't applying enough under that desert sun. Experts agree the average body needs a shot glass of sunscreen to get the SPF rating on the bottle. That's about three tablespoons worth.

Forgetting to reapply every couple of hours is likely to net you a sunburn in that desert heat. That goes double if you're sweating your bottom off dancing. It's best to re-up every two hours at minimum, we all know turning into a lobster the first day of a festival can ruin your weekend.

Not to worry my fellow festival goers, I've already found the best in the game. HIGHER EDUCATION SPRING BREAK® Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 30 is my top pick for formulation. Zinc oxide, a mineral sunblock, is blended with traditional sunscreens to achieve a sheer, workable consistency that's a joy to use. It's the perfect middle ground for those who favor a sunscreen that's effective and safe for sensitive skin.

Personally, I love basking in the sun and a safe dose of Vitamin D. I just don't love sunburn, wrinkles, melasma and skin cancer. (I mean who does?) Be sun smart and pack plenty of sunscreen. Just throw it in the bag!


This tip is imperative and not to be ignored. Your body needs water to refuel all day long and to stay hydrated. Dancing, sweating and all those trips to the beer tent make drinking plenty of H2O essential.

Your skin needs hydration, too. Keep it replenished from the inside out by downing plenty of water using copious amounts of moisturizer. Hydrated skin has a stronger protective barrier to shield against so-called festival elements. This is vital for concerts in places like Black Rock or Coachella Valley, where you'll likely face intense heat, whipping winds, strong sun and the occasional dust storm.

Lack of water leaves skin dry, dull and prone to irritation (not conducive to festival pics), so treat your skin and body kindly by bringing along all the hydrators.

Pro tip: Don't forget to map out the nearest porto-potties. It's good to plan with all the water and beer consumption.


If you have reactive skin, this one's for you. (I feel you, girl.) Rosacea flare ups from heat exposure are well documented. For those who are clinically diagnosed with Rosacea, they typically experience increased nerve, blood vessel and sweat responses causing visible redness and irritation.  Pair this sensitivity with the intense summer heat you face as you fight your way to the front row with the sun beating down on you, and it could be a recipe for disaster.

While an overactive sympathetic nervous system may be to blame, there are steps you can take to keep rosacea at bay. The trick is to stay cool (I know this is hard under the festival sun). Stake your claim under the nearest palm tree or take a breather in the shade of the beer tent at regular intervals.
A mini spray bottle of water is great for refreshing your skin on those walks to the main stage.

A handheld travel fan can also help you stay cool. Your friends will have major fan envy, so bring extra batteries. For those of you who prefer packing light, a folding paper fan is effective and totally on-trend as well (It's Vanessa Hudgens's favorite accessory. All hail the festival queen.)


The no-makeup movement is all the rage in 2019. For us mere mortals with three-day passes and a penchant for Fenty lip gloss, makeup wipes are essential.

CHEAT SHEET® Makeup Removing Wipes are practically made for us gals who love festival makeup. They do a great job cutting through foundation, stubborn mascara and more. These wipes are a smart addition to your toiletry case on festival day. Face paint and glitter are no match for these babies.


Music festivals guarantee two things: A boatload of new friends (mostly made when waiting in bathroom lines) and skin that's a little too dewy. What, you don't want to talk about skin oil? Yeah, me either. But it's a fact of the festival lifestyle.

If you suffer from shiny skin, you can't fight it with panic and makeup alone. Let's talk science, shall we?

Your skin produces oil. It is made up of triglycerides, fatty acids, esters, squalene and cholesterol. Contrary to popular belief, oil does not directly cause inflammatory acne. However, it can clog pores and leave your skin looking like a disco ball.
The quick solution for battling shine on the dance floor is to make a simple adjustment to your morning and nightly routine.

A quick solution can be adding a new moisturizer to your festival prep. DOUBLE MAJOR® Hyaluronic Acid Gel Moisturizer is one of our favorites. Before hitting the sheets, dab on a smooth, even layer to replenish skin overnight with an extra boost of hydration and sea kelp extract. Silky smooth and highly absorbent, your skin will gladly drink it right up after a long day in the sun.

Touching up your skin throughout the day is essential to keeping a healthy festival glow. Just toss a pack of blotting paper or a translucent powder compact in your mini backpack, and you're golden.


Facial skin has special needs, but let's not forget about the skin on your body. Music festivals can get quite sweaty. And multi-day events with next-to-no running water can leave you feeling grungier than the lead singer of Tame Impala.

Two words: Baby. Wipes. They'll keep you fresh as a daisy all day long.
Spring for the mini pack to stick in your fanny pack. Oh, and it's 2019. So, use your good judgment here and opt for the natural, hypoallergenic kind. Your skin and your grungy festival buddies will thank you.


Instagram sometimes (okay, always) glamorizes big events like Coachella a bit too much. You're likely to get dusty, sweaty and muddy while you dance the day away with your crew. But hey, that's all part of the experience, your skin may not agree as breakouts ensue. Long days turn to late nights, and next thing you know, your skincare routine gets left in the dust (no pun intended.)

Skin that's prone to breakouts can't afford to go the lazy route on a weekend away. RUSH® Salicylic Acid Complexion Pads are perfect for keeping blackheads at bay and keeping your skin selfie ready. Sweep the gentle pad over your skin after you close out the last set for instant pore-unclogging action. The travel-friendly container won't leak— perfect for tossing in your Eastpak.


Feeling ready to face your next festival head on? We predict your most fresh-faced music festival season ever, so dance on!

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