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Higher Education Skincare x Ocean Conservancy 

Clean beauty is a no-brainer. So is a clean ocean.

That’s why Higher Education Skincare is committed to keeping our products - and our oceans - clean. We are a proud member of Ocean Conservancy’s Champions for Sea Change program, where we work to protect the ocean and its invaluable marine life from the world’s greatest threats as they pertain to the ocean and its wildlife.

Our ocean is in crisis.

8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean every year. That’s like dumping a garbage truck full of trash into the ocean every minute for 365 days. This massive pollution has drastic consequences, including immeasurable amounts of waste washing up on the shores of our beaches, and humans unknowingly ingesting microplastics through the consumption of seafood. Not to mention, plastic is often swallowed by ocean animals leading to an increase in fatalities, which critically impacts our ecosystem.

Make a difference with us.

Every continent is connected by oceans. How we treat our ocean impacts everyone. The United States creates more plastic waste than any other country in the world and Higher Education Skincare is dedicated to fighting plastic waste by reducing the use of plastic in both our packaging and our marketing initiatives.

Join us in saving our ocean. Here’s how to get started.

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about Ocean Conservancy and its mission. 

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