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9 Tips for Sorority Recruitment From an Insider

Rushing a sorority or joining a Greek org on campus can seem extremely intimidating and downright scary. We can partially thank shows like Scream Queens and movies like Sydney White for preconceived notions of what a sorority rush looks like (thanks, Emma Roberts). Fact is, it’s more House Bunny than red-masked murderer, thank God.  

While each chapter and school are different, I definitely learned a few things from my Panhellenic sorority rush experience. Before we jump in, I do not recommend oversaturating yourself with advice and sorority info before rush, just take it easy and let me boil down the only preparations you really need to calm the nerves as a PNM.

So, don’t flip out and don’t over caffeinate. I got your back with 9 helpful tips to help conquer rush & find the perfect sisterhood for you:

1. BE KIND. 

This one is pretty self-explanatory, gals. Be k-i-n-d. I’ll let you in on a little secret: EVERYONE is nervous. Yep, even the girls in the sorority you’re rushing.

Lend kind words when possible and compliment your fellow PNM’s. Kindness goes a long way and you might even meet a new pal to watch the Bachelor with. I’m pretty sure I met a fellow PNM who was from my hometown and we nervously bonded over how much our feet hurt from wearing heels all day, it made the whole experience a hell of lot easier.


If you take anything from this blog, this is probably the most important tip: put effort into the conversations you have during rush. Conversations are everything during recruitment; it’s not the basic conversations you will remember even though the question “what’s your major?” will come up about 1,000,000 times. The most memorable conversations are the conversations that include laughs, depth, common bonding and straight-up realness.

When the nerves kick in, you might feel as if you’re in some weird interview. I get it! Take a deep breath and simply be yourself. The more you take charge of the conversation, the more impressive you will be.


Form your own opinions!

I can tell you this firsthand: many girls get confused and/or mislead by listening to other people’s opinions of sorority rush. Don’t listen to or play copycat with your roommate about which house she liked the best or what she heard from her older sister (I promise you can still stay friends if you end up in different sororities). Same goes for the bf; don’t listen to his senseless opinions of what he thinks of each house’s reputation or which house he thinks his girlfriend should join.  

Don’t listen to any of the noise and go in with a clear head and zero judgements. I promise, it will make the process of find your home and real sisterhood that much easier.


Connect my people, CONNECT! My favorite and most memorable part of rush was meeting my then future Big; we had an immediate connection and I distinctly remember bonding over how close we both are to our moms and our love for the same silly reality TV shows.

Above all, these women are looking for engaging conversations and connections that turn into sisterhood. The girl you make an authentic and real connection with will guaranteed remember your name and the conversations will fly by and that’s what you want!

Making that connection with my big during recruitment changed my entire experience & essentially changed my life in the end, leading me to receiving a bid to my dream sorority.


After about Day 2 of rush (maybe even Day 1), you will probably get a sense for which sorority feels like home. Look around… Can you see these girls as your forever sisters? Do you feel comfortable around the members and share similar values? Can you see yourself in this house for the next four years?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, I think you’ve found your match! If you’re genuinely yourself, you will find your home and make real connections.


Don’t have a mental breakout over getting a new wardrobe just for rush. While it is important to look presentable and follow the dress code: your outfits won’t be what gets you a bid. Since I’ve been on both sides of recruitment (PNM & Member), I can confidently say that it’s not all about the outfit.

While sure, I like to consider myself a fellow fashionista & pride myself in always sporting the newest sneakers trend, the most important thing during rush is to be authentic to yourself. Share about yourself! I remembered the engaging and natural conversations much more than what the girls were wearing (although, cute shoes can be a bonding moment as well). The recruitment process is about looking for PNM’s who take the process seriously, which, yes, means the way you dress as well. Use your Sunday best as inspiration for rush outfits; I’m pretty sure I went for Blair Waldorf inspired outfits when I rushed.


This is a pretty basic rule of rushing a sorority: don’t bring up boys, drama with your bf, or the fraternity’s parties you can’t wait to go to. Rush is definitely not the time or place to talk about your boy drama and any talk of a fraternity can come across like you’re trying to bond for the wrong reasons.

Alcohol or how much booze you drank during welcome week is probably not the right topic for recruitment. While it might be the perfect topic over ramen with your bff, recruitment is totally not the right place for it. At this point, your current boyfriend drama or the frat boys you can’t wait to hang out with is totally irrelevant during rush. Gossiping of any sort doesn’t exactly make for the best first impression; just leave the boys & booze talk back at your dorm.


Be the best version of yourself and put your best foot forward during rush. While what you wear is not everything, it is important to look and be the best version of yourself; the keyword here is yourself. If you find yourself dressing to a particular sorority or a particular sorority member for approval, this probably isn’t the right place for you.

Be yourself and add your own flair to your rush outfits (most schools have a rough dress code for each day of rush). I would typically prep like I would for any special event with a good face mask & bath the night before (Study Buddy™ Mask definitely helps fight pesky breakouts and reveal your best pre-rush glow).


I get it, the recruitment process can be weird and all around un-natural. However, I also found it a to be a great opportunity for personal growth and a beautiful road to finding the best gals I would spend the next four years with.

Ask yourself: why are you joining the sorority? Is it to meet a core group of friends? To become involved in the philanthropy and give back to the community? To feel a sense of home at away at college? These are all completely valid reasons.

A family friend advised me during rush to take notes. She said to make note of each sorority house, any strong connections you made that day and any standouts. At the end of each day, she recommended that I look over these notes and bring them into my day and carry them with me for the day ahead. I found this extremely helpful in deciding which sorority was best for me.

Alright my future distant sisters (cousins?), hopefully these tips helped you feel a little bit more confident during this rush season. Take a deep breath and remember to channel that Elle Woods confidence and just be yourself.

By being your most authentic self, you will surely find out where you see yourself for the next four years. Happy rushing, ladies!


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