8 Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Literally a Costume

“Spooky season” is right around the corner, ladies and gentlemen.

You’ve probably been so busy living your best life (working way too hard with midterms), that you’ve forgotten to get a SINGLE costume to wear. It’s a tale as old as time: the week before Halloween arrives and panic ensues as your BFF asks you what stellar costume, you’re rockin’ this year: “Well, Becky, I don’t quite know.”

Halloween costumes can be an investment; I’m sure you certainly don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars on a cheap polyester costume that you will probably never wear again your entire adult life. That sexy zombie costume costs like, $80 and consists of like, 2 pieces of fabric?! No.

So, what’s the solution? Clean the cobwebs off those Jeffree Star Cosmetics makeup brushes, open up your Instagram for some serious inspo and BOOM: you’ve got yourself a kick-ass Halloween look. No need to overspend on a new outfit; scan your closet for some snatched basics to pair with your Halloween makeup look and you’re ready to rumble.

Here are 8 looks you can do (mostly) with the makeup you already own. No need to overspend or over-stress. Get ready to be the baddest witch at the party!

*Disclaimer: you do not have to be a master makeup artist to absolutely kill these looks.




If you haven't seen anyone on the street rocking gemstones, bright eyeshadows and glitter, you must live under a rock… sad. Everyone on God’s green earth has heard of the HBO original series “Euphoria”. Almost every character is immersed in glitter, crystals, holographic shades, smokey eyes, and bright lips.

Youtubers are going absolutely crazy with various Euphoria Makeup tutorials. To achieve this whimsical look, check out your local art supply store for some affordable rhinestones and let the creativity flow. No outfit required. Just throw on whatever makes you feel like an absolute queen & channel your inner Maddy Perez.



 I encourage you to lock your doors, secure your homes, and open your makeup palettes, ladies. This mask appropriately fits any Halloween theme, being that it’s both sinister and sexy at the same dang time. Equip your arsenal with a basic contour kit, some white eyeliner, and you’re ready to take on the night. You definitely won’t be committing any purge-worthy crimes besides a killer costume with this makeup look. A relentless urge to rage in the streets and wreak havoc are NOT INCLUDED with this look (and not recommended).



The skull is pretty much the OG of Halloween Makeup and perfect for any occasion. The variations of skull art are limitless; there are so many looks you can achieve utilizing Instagram for major inspo. This is also an extremely cost-effective way to show off your art skills, and there is a skull for every skill level (say that 5 times fast). While it does include a fair amount of detail and patience to achieve a skull look, it’s accessible to almost everyone. For a more realistic look, give yourself some sunken-in eyes with some dark eyeliner and eyeshadow to create depth. R.I.P to all the boring makeup from Halloweens past.

 4.   ZOMBIE


Since “Dawn of the Dead”, there is something truly compelling about the undead. Ironically, the zombie trend will never die. It’s off-putting and creepy but let’s not forget… awesome. The Zombie fascination continues to gain clout through movies & shows such as Zombieland 2 (in theatres now) and The Walking Dead. The standard zombie look requires pale skin, some rotten flesh, and blood. While this look doesn’t require a thirst for human flesh, it does require black and brown shadows and some liquid latex if you want to make the look extra gory. Go on YouTube and learn about the endless possibilities you can create with less than 2 items: liquid latex and toilet paper. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or perfect (you’re supposed to be walking dead after all). Just please, try not to eat anyone.



In order to be a starchild like @raydiatebyrachel, one needs some blue and purple eyeshadow. Use white eyeliner or gems to represent the stars and constellations. Nothing exemplifies creativity like a colorful, blended constellation on your face. Plus, stars are totally the new freckles! 



A conventional & creepy look for the modern day and age: the clown.

Clown makeup can come in a variety of styles, shapes & forms. We can partially thank the movie IT for re-launching the craze of the sexy clown costume currently plastered all over the IG. Literally, any clown on the face of this earth will be a win for your festive night and most likely make Stephen King super proud. There are so many variations of the OG clown characters that you can even sport one look for each Halloween party. Be sure to play around with multiple colors and creams, but ultimately, the aesthetic of the clown make-up will ultimately revolve around your preferred style. Will you be a happy clown, or a sad clown? An alien monster clown or a mentally insane clown? So many choices! You can tailor a few simple pieces that are already in your closet to fit whatever clown persona you choose to be that night.



Werewolves have always had a special place in our hearts: they shape shift, their commitment to the nightlife is admirable, and who isn’t with Team Jacob? Stock up on some silver and prepare yourself for the full moon.

For this shaggy look, grab cream make-up, black eyeliner, mascara, a contour palette, and block off around 45 minutes. You can also rock your everyday clothes with this makeup, which means maximum comfort for Halloween festivities. Grab a flannel and a white shirt with some jeans or your fave faux fur vest for a She Wolf vibe. If you want to take some scissors out and get creative with the “rugged transformation” that’s dope, too! For bonus points, team up with your squad and assemble a wolf pack!




I know what you’re thinking: vampires… Soo original. I don’t see why you need a reason for using this vampire look as your last-minute Halloween costume. This is for all you Team Edward ladies out there: go find your own Edward or Damon Salvatore this Halloween with this sultry look.

First, paint the face with white cream makeup or contour out your face with some darker shades for a gaunt, vampire-y appearance. Second, give yourself some old school, blended red and black shadow to really achieve that archaic look. Next, begin to blend the eyeshadow in the crease of your eyes and keep blending even more to really sink them in. Finish with brown eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil to make your veins pop in your eye sockets if you’re going for that “Vampire Diaries” aesthetic. Finally, grab some cheap fangs from your local Halloween store and slay the night you cute lil bloodsucker!


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